Take your webinars to the next level.

A done-for-you webinar editing service to fix poor audio, awkward transitions, and add a logo intro.
Fix the Issues
Improve Transitions
Level Up Your Production
frustrated lady

Did tech get the better of you?

You want to look and sound professional, yet your frustrated your presentation doesn’t have a polished look and feel you want. You shouldn’t need a PHD in technology to create a world-class webinar.

Get your webinar fixed within 1-2 days

1. Send me your files

Send me the raw video and audio files, along with your logo and any slides (i.e. disclaimers) you need to feature at the end of your webinar.

2. Make revisions

I’ll send you a review link to markup, add comments, and suggest changes.

3. Level up your webinar

Look and sound like a pro, making your tech problems like they never happened.*
frustrated lady

Get the PDF

10-Step Checklist to Recording a Word Class Webinar

Get crisp video recordings

Guarantee high quality audio

Never miss a setting

Present like a pro

Reuse the checklist every time

I speak tech.

I get it. Producing high-quality webinars can be tough. For over 200+ videos, I’ve been creating, editing, and producing content for various corporate, real estate, and YouTube projects. Your webinar will be in good hands.

Contract Me


Once you pay, you’ll be redirected to upload your video, audio, and logo to Google Drive.

*Disclaimer: Due to the variable nature of recording conditions and techniques you may have used for recording your webinar video and audio, I cannot guarantee your video/audio quality to increase if there are serious issues or malfunctions in your recording that may be unrecoverable, uneditable, or unfixable such as: microphone issues, drops in audio, poor microphone technique, pixelated video, poor video framing, poor lighting/exposure, improperly timed slides, and/or any other issue your webinar/recorded presentation may include. I reserve the right to refuse your project if I deem it unfixable or uneditable for any reason, in which case, I will promptly give you a 100% refund and delete any assets you have sent me for the purposes of editing/fixing your webinar presentation.